Impact Evaluation training for researchers at Debre Markos University

Training Venue: Zoom platform
Training dates: Feb 15, 2022 - Feb 21, 2022

Our members Dr. Getachew Kassa and  Dr. Alebel Bayrau have facilitated a 5-day training for researchers at the Debre Markos University, Ethiopia.

This is part of our  Contextualizing IE Pedagogy in Africa (CIPA) project": a joint initiative between the Centre for Global Challenges based in Utrecht University (UU) and the Network of Impact Evaluation Researchers in Africa (NIERA) based at the United States International University (USIU-Africa). The project was conceived against evidence that academics from the global south have limited technical capacity to apply Impact Evaluation (IE) research in informing public policy. Further, a 2019 study conducted by NIERA to determine the demand and supply side of IE in East Africa (EA) disclosed limited capacity to undertake these vital studies.