Webinar: The role of evidence in COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Webinar Venue: zoom
Webinar dates: Nov 18, 2021 - Nov 18, 2021
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While the rapid development of vaccines against COVID-19 is an extraordinary and a critical path to ending the pandemic, the success of the vaccination programme is highly dependent on the distribution, deployment and acceptance of the vaccines by the respective populations. Africa’s largest-ever immunization drive is well underway, with COVID-19 vaccines being administered in almost all African countries. Understanding the drivers of an effective vaccination programme is equally important and the game changing tool in the fight against COVID-19.

Governments, donors and other key institutions in the health sector are at the forefront of ensuring equitable access to safe and effective vaccines in order to save lives and livelihoods. Different factors such as demographics and socio-cultural beliefs continue to influence the distribution and acceptance of the vaccines across different regions of Africa.

Moreover, public trust in vaccines is vital and has been cited as the evident and solid hindrance to achieving success of the vaccination programs hence governments are being tasked with instilling and maintaining public confidence in the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines. This has called for enhancement of competence and reliability of the institutions that deliver the vaccines through building their capacities and ensuring effectiveness of regulatory agencies in handling issues and communicating consistently as events arise.

To unpack and reflect on the role played by different forms of evidence in informing COVID-19 vaccine distribution across Africa, the Network of Impact Evaluation Researchers in Africa (NIERA) in  collaboration with IDinsight has organized a webinar on 18th November 2021 from 3pm to 5pm (Nairobi time) that will see an engaging discourse led by industry experts namely:


1.    Dr. Anthony Mveyange, Executive Director, The Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR).

2.    Mr. Samuel Muhula, Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Manager, Amref Health Africa.

3.      Dr. Jeanine Condo, CEO, Center for Impact, Innovation and Capacity building for Health Information Systems and Nutrition (CII-CHIN).


1.      Dr. Frida Njogu-Ndongwe, East Africa Regional Director, IDinsight.

This is one among a series of webinars being organized on topical issues, that will bring together different actors in the health sector in East Africa including policy makers, donors, health specialists and program implementers to discuss and deliberate on what else can be done to increase the distribution and acceptance of vaccines against the current pandemic.

To participate, please register your interest through the registration link above.