Status: Completed

Policy Initiative

This project seeks to promote the translation and uptake of evidence generated through rigorous approaches into policy as was exemplified in the Niche of Impact Evaluation in East Africa report.  Four policy outreach related initiatives are in progress:

  1. Fredrick Manang is working with the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) to co-create Impact Evaluation (IE) research projects that inform tax policy decisions and tax interventions across the country.
  2. Shibiru Ayalew and  Getachew Kassa are partnering with policymakers from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Economics in Ethiopia to  build their capacities in IE research methods and synthesis for policy development.
  3. Werner Maokola along with Christina Fille are collaborating with various Health Coordinators to promote the use of research findings to improve the quality of health practices and services.
  4. Amos Njuguna is engaging with different County Governments in Kenya to determine effective strategies to connect with policymakers, program implementers and researchers to ensure they adopt and utilize research findings in their work.